Welcome to Oregon Springs!
The base of the map is made from Google Earth and changed a bit to make it more enjoyable for the game.
This is my first American styled map and originally build for Farming Simulator 15,
it was released in the last 2 weeks before Farming simulator 17 came out.
So i decided to bring the map to Farming Simulator 17, i hope you all enjoy the map and feel free to

give me some feedback to improve the map. All the base functions from the game are in the map, the only
thing is there is only 1 field where you can use the missions system and this is field 5.
This is because of the shapes of the fields.
What can you find in the map,
– Cow farm.
– Sheep farm.
– Pig farm.
– Chicken farm, here you can find eggs and sell your grass, hay and straw.
– Biogas plant.
– 2 Contractor areas, the one with the white building has an extra storage point.
– Vehicle shop
– Gardencenter, here you can sell wool, liquid manure and manure.
– Sawmill where you can bring trees that will be cut to planks, and on the same terrain you can sell woodchips.
– OS Pacific Grain where you can sell standard crops.
– Pete’s Diner where you can sell standard crops.
– Blue Line Feeds where you can sell standard crops.
– Train Station where you can sell standard crops, and on the other side you can sell trees and planks.
Standard crops are in the map,
Wheat, Barley, Rape, Sunflower, Soybean, Maize, Sugarbeet and Potatos.

Credits: Map by, Richard – NLD Farmers.
Objects, Buildings, Scripts and Textures: Blobbyfarmer, Danjelmc, Fatian, martinbigM500, Seriousmods, seba j,
lacampagnevallonnée, Steffen30muc, FSModding, itisntworking, ThompsonM06, JohnDeere1952, Sivy, Kramarj,
Lindbejb, srsmds, Juul, VertexDesign, Blacksheep, DaGoasseLP, Nico14, KMN Modding, Forgetten plants, webalizer.

Thanks for testing to Bart, Mark, Marco, Hennie, fa285634 and Binkie. And for translations Jaguar95.
If i forgot to mention you in the credits please let me know, i will add your name!

FS17_Oregon_Spring  (file size = 541 MB)

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