Mod pakov fences and gates v3.0 (by popular demand)
added: Barrier and automatically turn on lights on the sliding gate at nightfall
fixes: I put a corner on the rabbit, and corrected some textures
in a pack of 2e concrete slabs 2.5 and 4.3 meters
3 fences from corrugated board 3.5 meters blue, green and red
1 mast fence 4 meters

1 bar to complete the fence
gate of 4 colors of blue, green, red and dark gray with the signs
Old gate repainted a hundred times)) with a width of 8 meters
Barrier 4 meters
The pack is in its category
Price: 200 gates, and fences from 3 to 10 euros

Credits: Evgen333

Installation: a file in a ZIP format – transfer files/my games/farmingsimulator2017/mods/

FS17_ZaborEvgj  (file size: 13.8 MB)

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