PACK K700A / K701 AND SCRAPER V1.0.3.3

In pack 2 tractors and scraper.
The choice of the primary color, the color of the design and the color of the rim.
The choice of fastening.
Cost: 30000 / 40000 / 30000.

Scrapers can fill the pits.
Unloading is done by raising the front wall with the left mouse button.
The log is clean.
AUTHOR: SFM-Moddingr, BM-modding, Erlan10, Kopiyko, Chev
Installation: transfer the file in a ZIP format to the documents folder / my games / farmingsimulator2017 / mods /

fs17_kirovets_k700_pack_v3_2 (file size = 18 MB)

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