NF March new residents 16, 47, 78, 60 and 68
Support for 7 new products and industries from the Production and warehouse Park
Some bushes between fields 2 and 3 have been removed.
Editing the installation locations of the lanterns.
The reeds in the ditch between fields 36 and 37 are lowered
Remotely double tree next to the station.
Found and moved duplicate trees in the forest near Field 45.
Changed lighting in the sugar factory.
The sugar factory outlet has been moved accordingly.
Potatoes and Poplar entered the FruitTypeCategory “Planter”
Added fill type category LIQUID
Increased shopping area in the Bakery.
Minor edits on the map. » Read more


New production – cereal plant (oat flakes, oat milk, millet porridge, soy milk, soybeans, popcorn and corn grains)
Optimized all 10 pallet warehouses (more space for more types and better performance, increased pallet acceptance)
The composter level is now better displayed
Added new products to outlets
Changed the texture of sugar beets in a sugar factory.
Limestone plant is 20% faster
Fixed the name of the chicken coop at the Poultry Farm
Slightly expanded bakery
Improved pallet space in gardens
Fixed production at the dairy (only produced one yogurt)
Fixed translation errors in production descriptions
Fixed translation in greenhouses, instead of compost, you need soil.
Bugs in textures have also been fixed.
Special thanks for testing and finding errors in the translation of iZi (Vlad) from discord channel [USSR] Union of Servers Simulators Relax (FS19, ARK, ETS) » Read more

KRONE VARIO PACK 1500 v1.0.0.0

Author: Sotillo & Surci Modding
FS17: RewerSMods
Help: Farmer410

– traces and dust from under the wheels
– full lighting
– sounds
– straw, grass and hay animation
– movable foot
– lifting / lowering the pick up
– movable wheels in the landing net
– capacity: 3,000l
– Price: $ 34,000
– working width: 3.5 meters
– max. Working speed: 20 km / h

Please respect the Authors and my work:
– Prohibition of changing the Link
– Prohibition of changing Authors
– No Editing
– You can go to other forums with copied Description and Link » Read more

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