Revised Vistula as promised at the end of September
-Sounds changed to mono track
-Changed collisions (the player affects the previous and new ones, only new nwm vehicles why so xD)
-Combine has been scaled
-New cabin
– Forage harvester
-Darker color
– Stickers on the back of the combine
-The wheels already have specular + 2 types of rear wheels
-The bagger already has a model (still not working)
-Fixed smooth shading throat, pipes and several moving parts
– Improved grain animations in the header (will be further improved)
-Improved dumping (works with any trailer where the fill volume is not much higher than the pipe.
-Added side cover
Over the next month, I will try to fix the latest model errors and clear the log so that Vistula is ready to enter MH. As time remains, I will improve the configuration selection, what is mentioned in the changelog V.0.7 and possibly add color configurations. » Read more

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