Realistic Cab View v1.1.1.0

This simple mod is designed to add realism to the first person view from inside vehicles. It now allows a better view for reversing or attaching implements by allowing the player to lean around the cab in any direction.

v1.1.0.0 – Added extra leaning with bindable key
v1.1.1.0 – Reset interior camera on entry and small bug fix

– Full leaning allowed inside the cabin for a better view out of the windows (default key is SHIFT)
– Rotation is limited +/-180 degrees when turning to look out of the rear window
– A small amount of camera movement is added to simulate leaning when looking over your shoulder

– There is occassinally some clipping on vehicles with small cabs. I have limited the leaning range on certain vehicles without rear windows (e.g. cars and trucks). I plan to include a user configurable text file exclusion list in the next update. » Read more

John Deere 40 Series v1.0.0.1

Medium tractors from 1978 – 1982.

US and EU version
2WD and 4WD version
Price: 55,000 €
Power: from 112hp to 203hp
Max speed: 53Km / h

– Added Mitas wheel configurations
– Added John Deere wheel configurations
– Added wheel chains
– Added forestry protection configurations
– Added beacon configurations
– Fixed opening rear window
– Fixed front attacher
– Fixed Michelin wheel configurations
– Fixed narrow wheels for 2wd
– New motor sounds
– Changed gas pedal to gas lever
– Other minor corrections » Read more

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