Here it is the finnal part of my pack The Peterbilt 388 Flatbed Custom with Auto Load. Truck & bed had to be split into two mods to work but with Bed Installed it looks no differant than it did. I did not like this way at first but this was the only way. you can haul the load out drop whole bed off and come grab another bed and go again

I did not spent much time On dressing up the frame seeing how it will spend most of the time with the bed and truck has no lights on rear all lights are on bed bed sits on 1 jack on each corner just back under it and attach & go both bed and truck are in download Enjoy other than isses that may or may not come this will be the final upload of this set
NOTE: Pics Show tool box mounted to bed I have moved them mounted to truck now
Thanks Everyone!

Credits: winston9587, Thunderhawk09 Rebuilt Into Flatbed custom Auto Load


UNPACK_2_Mods_In_Inside (file size = 42 MB)

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