Pig Feed Silo UPK LS17

Today I have for you a free Plazierbares Silo Silo. Since I have about 200 pigs and then the loading of BigBags to the life task I have me a silo built where you can buy pig feed to the Mappreis.
Also with this mod you need the UPK! Here you can download the latest version!

-> http: // http: //download.universalprocesskit.de//
Use: Just push the UPK in Modordner and activate in the game
If you do not want any more uploaded links I ask you to make a small donation! This helps me immensely when creating new mods! Of this are then models, textures or even Photoshop paid for that modding is very important!

Other Information:
Your feedback is important to me, so write in the comments what you like or what you like less! It is important to me that you constructive criticism practice, everything else is deleted or ignored! Lets also a rating and recommendation because if you like the mod, really only takes 5 seconds;)

Other credits:

Credits: t0xic0m


YY_pigForageSilo (file size = 5 MB)


  • USMC2111LSG

    I put this in my test stock sosnovka map and I had a warning come up on my log. I would love to use this if the warning can be removed. And yes I was using your last UKP mod you put out for the silage silo. BTW than you for that, it works great.:-)

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