This is a placeable bearing.
The pallets come from the Nordfriesschen march. If these palettes are also present on other maps, you can of course also use the camp there.
Since I only play the Nordfriesiche march, I can not test that.

What can be stored:
> Empty pallets (96)
> Carton Pallets (96)
> Paper pallets (96)
> Sugar pallets (96)

If the camp arrives well with you, I consider to build and publish more pallet warehouses / intermediate storage together with Friesenjung (for example he builds for the camp and me for the matter;)). Of course, if there continues to be the release;)
Log is error free.

Credits: Modell und Scripte: GtX, LS-Modcompany, Eribus, kevink98
Idee / Umbau: LsPlayer
Paletten: FedAction LetsPlay
Tester: LsPlayer
Inspiration: Friesenjung

FS17_PalletsStorage_placeabl  (file size = 10 MB)

One comment

  • Jason Anders

    Greetings, I appreciate the idea behind this mods. However, as much as I like it I cannot purchase and place it on the map. The store shows the item but there is no placeable object when clicking on buy.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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