This Mod inverts the second Crane Arm Axis of the Ponsse ScorpionKing.

Version 1.4
– The control for swiveling the unit has been moved by the mouse wheel to Left + Right Maustaste. With left / right movements of the mouse, the unit can now be rotated and up / down can be swiveled up / down. The mouse wheel thus falls away. Thanks to V8Bolle for the adjustments!

In this way you have the same Crane Controls like the Ponsse Bufallo and other Cranes in the Game. This Mod creates a buyable duplicate of the original ScorpionKing. Nothing is changed, original Model and original Prices etc. Only the Axis is inverted. You can still buy the original Ponsse Scorpion King. This method does not need any changes in the inputBinding.xml or other Files. But you need to buy the inverted Version separately.

Credits: original Giants
Script: Endless Dark


fs17_scorpionking_pack (file size = 16 KB)

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