Welcome to the Popp Forst.

Version 2.0
The trees in the woods remain after saving!
PDA adapted!

Other errors fixed (point of sale, signposts)

The map has been rebuilt from scratch.
No other mods benötig!
Have fun with the map. Report any errors or suggestions for improvement.

Credits: MN99


Poppendorfer_ForstV2_0 (file size = 657 MB)


  • I cant get the garage doors to open, and the main gate to get out with equipment will not open, does this map have and use the latest animationmaptriggers ?

  • I figured out there are no input bindings to tell the doors to open, i copied and pasted bindings from another map and now it works.
    MODDER needs to update in map moddesc.

    Great map by the way, lovin it.

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