Pöttinger 3200 Maxi Cut (round baler)
I would like to introduce you to my Pöttinger 3200 Maxi Cut for the agricultural simulator 2017. Since the New Holland with the time I became too bored, I thought I skinn the to a Pöttinger around. Maybe you can start something with it. This is a mod wish.

Information about the machine:
Versatile for small and large fields
From a pulling force of 70 hp possible
Ballsize: Standard
I would also like to thank all members of the South Tyrol Modding and all my fans who are behind me. You are the best.
Please donate a small donation in case you want to support me and reward my work a little. I would be very happy about it. The more donated will be the more mods I will be able to make, because you know everything costs money, money rules the world, as the saying says. But it is up to you. I would be very happy. Above the download link is the donation button. I would be happy.

Credits: Modell: Giants
Textur: Südtirolerbauer


Poettinger3200MaxiCut (file size = 14 MB)

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