Price Watch V 2.0


Shows best prices for everything you can sell and the selling point for that price if you have those in your silo, train silo or tippers.
Press Left-Shift-t (default) to display.
Press Left-Shift-z (default) to change the display location.
Text is green if price is still going up.

Key binds can be changed in option menu->controlls, under “Price Watch:*”.

Version 2 changes:
better data structure for mainly myself (to ease things)
text size now from ingame values, should help with different resolutions
now included every shop and everything that you can possibly sell (should work with modded fruits/maps/shops no problem)
added the train silos, trains and trailers to check if we have stuff
unfortunately this means if you have potatoe/etc in pallets/heaps price won’t show up (for now)
you can change position of display with left-shift-z (will add more (aiming for the 8 possible corner), but currently there is 5 option)
also if you have sheep, wool price will be shown

Credits: Sabzi


pricewatchm (file size = 15 KB)

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