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Update 02/08/2017:
MODEL PA 97P v. 1002
Add Dynamic hydraulic hoses;
Universal AutoLoad script, (Possible choice whether to use it or not.);
Front tubes for round bales, removable, (LSWIFT +X);

4 selectable base versions: with and without hydraulic tubes animated, with and without Universal AutoLoad.;
4 custom versions, Standard, NH, Fendt, John Deere;
15 Colorable versions;
6 Colorable rims;
Fix 3D model;
Fix textur
Add new model PA 97P With pneumatic braking!;

I present my trailer to transport , born from the collaboration established with the company Randazzo . 3-axis platform Trailes , for the transport of bales and large volumes , tractors and equipment . This mod , despite the high number of polygons in the game proves to be very light, confirming the quality of the work .

Increased load capacity for square bales (48).
• Body length 9.7 m.;
• Width 2.5 meters.;
• Capacity 20,000 kg .;
• Empty weight 5900 kg . ;
• Weight load transported and realistic;
• loading ramps adjustable mouse ;
washable ;
Colorable from the store. ;
Fully animated ;
UAL script;
• for transporting bales and large volumes,tractors and equipment.
Rollbar selectable depending to the transport.

No errors in the log, both in SP, and server MP.
Credits: Ago- Modding (Team Modhoster)
Thanks to my team (Team Modhoster ).

FS17_RANDAZZO_PA97P_1002_AGO (file size = 30 MB)

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