Removable Hedges – 4 lengths.

Farmers can now remove hedges as well as trees, in order to join and expand their fields.

Mapmaker info:
To place – use Giants Editor to import the required size hedge, and place in your map.

To use in game:
1 Cut the hedge anywhere with a chainsaw, and the hedge vegetation will disappear leaving a tree trunk.
2 The wood can be cut and sold.
3 The final piece of tree trunk must be removed with a stumpcutter.
4 Then plough through the gap and join your fields.

Important – Use caution when changing the scale of the object (You can safely change the scale of the hedge attachment but NOT the tree trunk inside the hedge – As with the default trees, strange behaviour can result if you change their scale incorrectly).

Credits: KMW


RemovableHedges  (file size = 3 MB)

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