Welcome to the Rocky Mountains

Version 1.5
Added: rye, oat, seed2, lime and compost
On the second farm: MiniBGA, gas station, grain silo, production for seed and fertilizer, silo for silage and silo for compost

On the farm: Milk triggers, sheep shed with gates, silo for sheep, cattle feeders, roller shutters, new silage silos, production for Saat2, new halls, pasture gates and pallets Trailer for wool
On the small sawmill: middle sawmill, fermenter silo, hall and compostmaster
– rye, oats, seeds, lime and compost
– Schweinestall is now at box 11 with pig silo, compound feed system for pigs, water pump and silage silos
– At Feld 5 at the forest is a sawmill
– At box 29 is a large sawmill
– Added sales points for Saat2 and compost
– All sales outlets would be adjusted
– Two meadows added
– At the BGA is a large hall

This is a map with a lot of built-in effects and light and out going, Goals on and go,
there now exist two silo storage where you now all camps can, The kapazietät of the silos were erhöt and
there now exists a small farm where the cows were.
Now we wish you Enjoy playing and Discover !!

Credits: MFG LS-Andy and Manuel


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