Changes in v1.2:
– Fixed corn header crop animation. Pick-up animation is enabled. Fixed the name of one of the animation buttons of the hopper covers. The name of the round baler was changed.
– Power: 154 l / c.
– Transport speed: 20 km / h,
– working: 10 km / h.

– The volume of the grain bunker: 3000 liters.
– Removable protective grille,
– animation of the dashboard, pulleys, fan and levers.
– Also included is a header for cereals (5 m), for harvesting a sunflower (5 m), for maize harvesting (4 m), and for digging (4000 l).
– Lighting technology
– Speedometer and tahometer
– IC Control
– Mirrors
– Work light, turn signals
– Moving parts in work
– The dust and traces of wheels
– Dirt / Washable
– detailed model
Tested on game version 1.4.2, 1.4.4

Credits: Sasha_Kmit, Silver_KHL

RSM_KOLOS_V1_2_by_Silver_KHL (file size = 26 MB)

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