What’s new on this version?:
– The map was finally fully translated into English and German.
– All the factories are passed on the Mcompany script, so all the factories have been revised and modified especially at the spawn points of the pallets.
– Addition of the train and modification of the sawmill: to facilitate the woodworking that is required on this map, I added the train system to maximize the yield of wood at the plant. The sawmill has been completely reviewed and moved to the map (resulting in a new backup)

– Addition of cotton, it is now possible to sow and harvest cotton, which you can transform into a palette and use the choice in addition to wool for the fabric factory.
– Alfalfa is now mowed and you can make round or square bales. These are useful in feeding animals, and in the manufacture of liquid fertilizer.
– The main farmhouse (that of the cows) has been revised and enlarged.
– fixes of various details and bug present on the V2

Credits: Bootsy Modding.
And all other that i dont know and use their I3D models

mustunpackmods (file size = 1,4 GB)

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