SAWMILL V1.3.0.0

Bring wood and fuels (woolpallet, straw bales or woodchips) to the sawmill.
It produces woodpaletts and additionally, woodchips as waste.

Wooden pallets can be sold at every sales trigger which accepts wood chips.

Changelog 1.3:
– Update mCompanyFactory
– Remove lights
– You don’t need any more a additivmod
Changelog 1.2:
– New Script: mCompanyFactory
– Needed Additivemod: mCompanyGraphic
Changelog 1.1.2:
– Adaption to Patch 1.4.2
– Fix storageRadius at TipTrigger

Credits: kevink98/LS-Modcompany

FS17_Saegewerk_placeable_update (file size = 15 MB)

One comment

  • miki

    Hello, can you add a pallet sale station, because there is no point to play if the pallets are the same price as the woodchips.
    why to make pallets if they are the same prices as woodchips, why would I do more work if I will sell the material at the same price.
    please respond to me

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