Scania R Priester edit v2


Uploaded by Priester

I loved the original from dimanix (can also be found on this site), but personally i had some problems with a few points (no offense to the original creator!). The max. speed for instance.

Because most trucks have a speed-limiter in the range of 80 – 90 km/h i have changed it in this version. Also, in my opinion, the break power was quit weak. I changed it, so it will stop much earlier and doesn’t roll that far out. Does show a Scania logo in the shop and gives a clean log.
Changelog V2
Added scania logo in shop
Shrunk the file a bit
Changelog V1
Changed max speed for all engines to 90km/h
Changed brakeforce for better stopping power

Credits: dimanix, Priester


fs17_scaniar_priester_edit_v2 (file size = 20 MB)

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