Scania R730 with tarpaulin in crown-Skin V 1.1

Here I have a truck for you
2-axle Scania R730 with crown design
He has now also installed Autoload
Both have installed tensioning straps so that pallets or bales can be attached:
L or individually with R

The complete tarp with subcostruction can be dimmed with:
CTRL left + U
The brackets can be opened:
Numpad: 7 left; 8 rear; 9 on the right
The tarpaulins can be planted up during tarpaulins:
Alt left + Numpad7 left tarp
Old left + Numpad8 rear tarpaulin
Alt left + Numpad9 right tarp

A big thank you goes to Daniel Gallinger from for the release of his plan construction.
Hope you have fun with the mod!

Credits: Modding by Philippdeutz/ Agroservice Ost-West


Scania_Plane2achser_Philippdeutz  (file size = 50 MB)

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