Here my FS17 Schluter Pack for you

New in the V3
Super 2000 TVL
Super 2000 TVL Special
Super 2500 VL
Super 3000 TVL

Super Trac 3000 TVL-LS
New sounds
Super1900 TVL twins complete
have fun with it

Super 1250 VL Special
Super 1500 TVL Special
Super 1800 TVL Special
Super 1900 TVL Special
Fittingly handlers for 1250
Matching 750Kg weight
Doors and windows with IC
All with Rüfa
Many configurations in shop buyable
have fun with it
100% error free and dedi fit
All FS17 standards

Credits: Mfg schlueterfan1977

FS17_Schlueter_Pack  (file size = 396 MB)

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