Schmitz CargoBull

– UAL trigger adapted (did not take previously pallets on the trailer)
– lua error if one is reconfigured from another on S.CS -> see FAQ
– Autoload now takes all selected objects correctly (no bales in pallet mode anymore)
– Autoload now positions objects correctly – no more nesting / stacking

– Autoload now no longer supports wooden pallets (which were the cause of the other problems)
– FillVolume diminished – no longer protrudes through the roof
– FillVolume graphics error fixed
– Steering axle at the front removed -> Lift axle blocked – goes down from 10.000l filling quantity automatically
– Chaff is now also accepted directly from the chopper
– S.CS tarp / tine can be operated individually from the outside
– S.FS Now use the standard key (N)
– Kingbolt / Attacher can be adjusted by mouse -> thus less lifting of the truck
– Texts corrected e.g. ShopConfiguration, English translations, …
– Chassis adapted (braking force, …), weight adjusted

All-in-One Set

Herewith I present you the trailer already known from LS15.
As in the previous version, this is actually no longer contemporary and therefore represents a purely functional mod.
The optics is in the background, as well as other things, which would be the standard in the LS17.
Nevertheless, attempts were made to adjust, upgrade or otherwise make possible all appropriate changes.
Unfortunately, scriptbedingt and game-conditioned some functions are different or no longer present.
This could be remedied by simply making 3 ShopEntries, but then it would not be an allroundPacket anymore.
The aim was to ensure the greatest possible adaptability for everyone.

Filling goods: bulk (ie all bulk goods)
Volume: 32,000 L

Credits: main-model: hoschi97
parts: Siwus (BigBags), TheAgraama (Gurte)
textures/ingame/functions/animations: HoFFi
scripts: Sven777b/Frabel, HoT, fruktor, ifko[nator]


SchmitzCargoBull_by_HoFFi (file size = 11 MB)

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