Dear Ls player,

Version Beta cleared
File size reduced (Modordner tidy)
Building removed and made a few adjustments.

I want you hereby make a new map of my disposal. The Map is a replica of the region in which I am at home and some will point sometimes farm

On the map you will find, as with the Schildalp, three courtyards, which has a + cows chicken, the other has the sheep and the last are still the pigs at home. Agriculture can be operated from each farm. She still has a few bugs. that probably do make that the multiplayer does not work (it did not try)!
A small feature that is has: that the sheep can eat silage.
What would be extremely happy if someone could still eliminate the errors and me then the map would Schiker to upload. That would be really great: D
A big thank you I would like to speak because I got in the forum always quick and super answers for my intentions. A further hits the modders make their buildings for download: D
The map can not be changed without my permission and on other sites (or on this) uploaded !!!
Have a lot of fun playing

Credits: Thomy_Toast
Idee / Konzept:
Sonstige: FiatPowerSchweiz


Schwarzbergweltbeta  (file size = 1019 MB)

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