Alrighty guys, here is our first release from R&R apparatus outfitters. This is only version 1 out of many to come. Please tell us about any issues, bugs, etc. Special thanks to Ryland Amato for buying the model. Chiefromey (Me) did everything else.

Have fun with it, but please if you upload it anywhere else or give it to someone please give the correct credit. The trailer/back part of the mod might be stuck in the ground when bought, just reset it and it will be fine.
Had some issues with links and half the mod not working. But it should all be fixed now.

Credits: Chiefromney, Ryland Amato, turbosquid

Tiller_Unzip_fixed (file size = 40 MB)

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  • FS17 Logger


    sorry to send you next problems…
    the trailer is now buyable and it stuck in ground, equal how much its been reset – sorry.
    a solution will maybe foldable supports?
    the trailer shows some different errors in log file….
    if sitting in trailer, you cannot get out of it or should the tiller truck be hitched?
    Can every truck hitched to this trailer or only tiller truck?
    The tiller truck appears in shop, but cannot be placed in front of shop – equal if i downloaded from this mod or “tiller dream dare”…

    some informations about using trailer and truck maybe helpful, to avoid further problems.
    please fix all problems and test it first by yourself, before uploading.

    thanks a lot

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