Here I have a fence with light and without light for you. This shutters were like weights construction.Condition is hanging on the back of the fence.Now I get to why I built these mods it bothers me when the AI ??

s cars always drive through the site if you do grade forestry. Now ask for some reason. The Abrasives turn a colision box on the front of the shut-off the AI ?? vehicles. I wish you much fun with the shutters.

Credits: No name Modder


Entpack_mich__Absperrzaun (file size = 6 MB)


  • Gerald

    hello, this is a very essential mod, I love it but it needs to be placed into the “placeable” category in order to make good use of it. when I went to the shop in FS17 and bought it. I could not get it off of the Massey Motors’ parking lot. Please make this a “placeable” mod so that we can buy it and place it were we want on the map because I feel the same as you do. I hate the AI cars that want to keep passing by when I am doing forestry work or anything else that is close to the roads. thank you for making these fences.

  • Austin

    Is the mods in the background apart of the mod I mean the oranges trucks and stuff

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