Hello, I introduce you now my winches
There are 7 different variants and 4 grid options available in the shop, but it always works
the same to me it just annoyed dozens of mods extra in the folder to have therefore a pack.

Included are:
– Stabilo winch
– Uniforest wind
– BGU winds
– Strike and Reichert winch
– Holzknecht winch
– Tiger winds
– Kienesberger winds

You can adjust the pulley from the outside (button o) (initially intended only for Holzknecht) but works for all others
synonymous is visually dan but partly not the hit there comes nch n update.

Credits: 50Keda, Gallinger Design, Black_Atomikzz

FORST_Seilwinde_Verschiedene  (file size = 96 MB)

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