In Silent Valley you will find a Large yard with lots of storage space and room for a placeable.
Since not too many opportunities for us Map Modder present the tag is limited to the original terms.
But here I have paid attention to some details and adjusted the map according to my ideas. Clear is my ideas are not equal to yours, but I think that one or the other certainly has a lot of fun with the version.

In the yard several buildings are already Placed, also the dealer closer to settlement. The outlets are now all in and around the small town.
The reset point is back in the yard and a solid seed and fertilizer station.
The launch vehicles have grown somewhat and facilitate you the erstwhile.
But what I also long letter invites you the map and looked at yourself “it does not cost anybody anything”.

Credits: Nico / Giants


silentvalleynew (file size = 553 MB)

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