Simply tip into the driving silo from above. Not real, but with many possibilities.

There are 3 mods. I.e. You have to unzip the ZIP file and put all 3 mods in the mod folder to have all parts from the video.

The LS19 Mod by Jan Bechmann came from a crazy idea that we once had in the Discord. Jan took care of that and ensured that there were no more driving problems in the silo. From now on you can simply fill the driving silo from above.

Yes, it has nothing to do with reality. No, that of course doesn’t work in the real world. BUT in the LS it works and is also fun.

Again a little crazy idea from a funny conversation in the Discord.

Thanks to Jan for the release and of course the funny implementation.

Now we wish you a lot of fun with the silo c

LS19_FahrsiloAbdeckung_ENTPACKEN(5 MB)

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