Siloking BGA SelfLine Compact 1612

Only for silage and chopped material!
1.) Silage removal from the silo and feeding of the conveyor belt for BGA Vermenter
2.) Recording of chaff is very suitable for cleaning or collecting the driving silo rim by surrounding chopped material and reintroduction into the silo.

The Siloking BGA self-propelled vehicle has been converted to the capacity and the width of the trailer so that it is ideally suited for emptying the silage silos and filling the Lizard S-710special with the biogas converter.
Filling capacity: 100000Liter
Filling speed: 25000Liter / second

Credits: Giants
Idee / Konzept: JokerModding


SilokingBGA_v1_3 (file size = 16 MB)

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