The terrain in this logging map should give you a nice challenge. Basic farming is also available. (No animals)

Changelog (
– Moved trees that were growing through or inside the large bolders around the outside of the map.
– Fixed all tree trunk textures for console support.

– Fixed the gas station textures for console support.
– Replaced all other DXT3 files with DXT5 for console support.
– Replaced the water plane with the goldcrest version.

Changelog (
– Cleaned mod zip file for modhub requirements.
– Removed the drive thru wood sell point.
– Lowered the box around the unload wood sell point.
– Fixed some trees growing in rocks
– Removed curb around the gas station
– Add buy and sell vehicle icons.
– Added Vehicle sell point.
– Added Barn sell point.
– Added Grain factory sell point.
– Added Grain Silo.

Credits: FDR Logging and MyrithisCatalyst

FS17_FDR_Map_SmokeyMountain_MC_update  (file size = 220 MB)

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