Russian beautiful, relief map with the size of 4×4. Many productions.

Production on the map:
1. Purification of grain
2. Seed production
3. Feed mixer for pigs and cows
4. Sawmill
5. Sugar factory

6. Bee apiary
7. Orchard (pear apples)
8. Greenhouses (red currant, strawberry, raspberry)
9. Quarry with sand
10. Flour Mill
11. Fish farm
12. Grocery factory
13. Meat processing plant
14. Oil Extraction Plant
15. Bakery
16. Dairy
17. Sorting potatoes
18. Bridge construction

Most of the production purchased, forests are divided into several purchased areas, but there is a free forest.
In addition to standard crops added rye, oats and peas.
This version fixes errors of previous versions.

Credits: Aleksey Patanin

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