Version 1.1 Change log:
Fixed isue with some computers having Unknown render error
Fixed floating hedge near BGA
Fixed floating silo at farm2

No need to start a new game.
Welcome to Springdale Farms
This is a fictional location somewhere in the great U.S. of A. There are 2 farms for you to set up shop at. There is plenty to do several locations to sell your hay and straw pellets if you have the Straw Harvest dlc. Standard fruits including sugarcane are on the map. Many features have been added to the map. Seasons ready..

List of features

Seasons ready
Mud mod
Chopped straw ready
Dynamic sky
Custom textures
Manure mod (muck out the stall in the cow and sheep meadow)
animated horses, dogs, cats, pigs, cattle, and airplane.
Good supply of starting equipment
Grazing Mod
Animated gates
Fermenting silo
and more.

Credits: Map by GnG Modding

Springdale_FarmsNEW (file size = 803 MB)

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