​updated i have updated the sheep navmesh and dirt area updated textures and remove some trees that was going into building slightly
Welcome to Springfield Estate, based on a fictional location and the land is flat With very tight narrow lanes.

Whether you prefer Arable, Sheep husbandry or forestry, this map will suit you perfectly.
– 1 Main farm that is a sheep farm , several small storage yards and 1 big grain yard that needs Manual loading 1 Sell point.
– Vehicle shop.
– Brewery where you can sell you wheat and barley
– Hedges have collisions on.
– Bio Heating Plant.
– Placeable area which the vehicles are reset too.
– Seasons ready (pc only)
– One main forestry area for wood chips .
– Animated Gates.
– There is a little special surprise for you to find.
I hope everyone will enjoy this map.

Credits: Map maker Richard Gibbs

Springfield_EstateV2new  (file size = 288 MB)

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