Hi, here we present you the first tractor model for the LS17, with very many features. 🙂

– FL console atacher joint fixed
– RUL replaced (standard LS17 RUL installed) Illuminates jz real
– Lights reworked, jz are some dark yellowish -> looks more real
– External camera limited, you can zoom in the tractor
– Charge indicator light integrated (battery lit jz at engine start)

– “provisional” animated pedals; Accelerator pedal, brake pedal + clutch: IMPORTANT! Drive control with active reversing circuit (green arrow must be visible -> change direction) otherwise the pedal animation does not fit.
– on selected tractor with attached tractor / equipment: animated rear hydraulics + lever (left in the tractor), is a small toy With attached devices.

One thing in advance, there will not be as many versions / models as in LS13 / 15 times, but only the more important models, for private reasons, we simply have not so much time or nerves exertion. And we also want to make and release other newer models (eg: Plus 760).
We chose the Steyr 8090a because of the following reason, because the Steyr 8090a best suited to the LS17 standard trailers / devices.
Construction period: 1983 – 1992 / (94?)
Engine: Steyr WD 411.88 Turbo (80 PS) This image is representative of the product range
Gearbox: Synchronized Steyr group gearbox with 16v and 8r gears
Tank capacity: 96l
BJ: 1989
Weight: 3410 kg
Type plate
Sound is from an 8080a Turbo SK2

Beifahrerscript, Zwillingsbereifung / Schneeketten is planned as a buyable variant as to LS15 times, which is then irgentwann times in an update to come.

Functions: from the outside:
Fitting front / front muffler button R
Doors on / off button R
Open / close left button R
Shop Configurations:
Standart: (only atacher joint, intended for buyable front weights or harness)
Front muzzle: (atacher joint installed, for riding trailers)
Front hydraulics + front sprocket
Snow plow plate: pure decoration
Front loader attachment:
Yes or no
Engine Version:
Standard engine: WD 411.88T (80 hp)
Optional: stronger injection pump (+10 HP)
Wheel Setup:
Standard tires: front: 380/70 / R24 rear: 420/85 / R34
Wide tires: front: 440/65 / R24 rear: 540/65 / R34
Care: front: 230/95 / R34 rear: 230/95 / R44
RUL (round light): intended for the “normal” / red-white version
Municipal: RUL + orange texture
Forrahmen: Forstrahmen + headlight grille and orange texture
Other functions:
IC control:
Front, rear, side windows, roof hatches and doors (including door closing sound) for opening / closing
FH-Unterlenker, co-driver’s footrest and sun visor fold in / out
Windshield wiper, Cabin light
Animated / Illuminated:
Tacho, tank and temperature display
Blinker / warning indicator (including turn signal (from a Steyr 8130a SK2))
Blinker / warning light indicator works as in real:
Tractor alone = 1 beam flashes
Tractor + 1 trailer = 2 lights flashing
Tractor + 2 trailers = 3 lights flashing
Indoorsound (reacts to open windows or doors)
Matching Modpacks:
A big thanks goes to Max (MB 3D modeling) because he always lets us change his Steyr 8080a SK1 model and gives us the release release (= his original DL link). (This was introduced to LS13 times by us (STEYR Modding) so with it (MB3D modeling) arranged.) Thanks to all users who regularly in Facebook: STEYR Modding team participate in our surveys.

Credits: Modell: Urmodell: MB3D Modelling, Umbau/LS17 ready: STEYR Modding Team, rs123456
Textur: STEYR Modding Team
Script: Giants Software, Fruktor, Rival (RivalBomb), Manuel Leitner, PeterJ – euroDZN, Sven777b, Modelleicher
Idee / Konzept: STEYR Modding Team
Tester: STEYR Modding Team
Sounds: Agrarprofi – Agriculture, STEYR Modding Team
Pflegereifen (Felgen): CebuljCek Modding
Scheinwerfer-Gitter: kirezagar


STEYR_8090aTurbo_SK2_V1_5 (file size =  41 MB)

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