Hello dear LS17 player!
I changed the Steyr Multi to a mod and changed it a bit.
What has been changed?
Light revised (created and used)
Indicators selectable between RUL’s and LED strobes (Light Addon is required)
IC (opened doors and windows / passenger seat, mirrors and rul / s hinged)
more colors selectable
Passenger installed

A bug could not be fixed yet!
It is a l10n error in the multiplayer, in the help window he can not display the text from the moddesc when entering and exiting the passenger. but has no effect on the game or on the playability of the mod
Prices and basic configurations are taken over by the original!
I took the model of Giants and blended into the parts so I can animate the doors!
Who still rummekkern that I have no seals should please keep for themselves because my 3d arts are not sufficient to create such models. For the sake of leaning against a seal, I at least colored the edge of the glass black.
This is also my 1st model of Giants that I have disassembled in Blender in the reverse parts.
I hope you like him
John Deere 5615F (TschiZack Gamieng)

Credits: Modell: Giants, John Deere 5615F
Textur:Giants, John Deere 5615F
Script: Giants, John Deere 5615F, Vertex Dezing
Idee / Konzept: Giants, John Deere 5615F
Tester: John Deere 5615F, LS17 Fahrzeug-Technik

Steyr_Multihjkl (file size = 27 MB)

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