– new wheels – dynamic hoses – silage script – knife wear script

– 4400L load volume – 210PS power – 25 KM / h fast in operation.
– Load hay, straw, Hächselgut, grass – Price 80,000 € – 50 € in maintenance.

This is a conversion of the standard Strautmann TV CFS 5201 to Strautmann Tera Vitesse 4601.
He got new wheels and Dynamic Hoses and the silage script and knife wear script.
The can load 4400L and needs 210PS, while you can drive fast with 25 KM / h in the operation.
You can carry hay, straw, grass and Hächslgut.
The price is 80,000 € and 50 € in maintenance.

Credits: Boby-2000
JD7310R (JD_Farmer)
Stephan Maurus

FS17_StrautmannTeraVitesse4601V2 (file size = 17 MB)

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