A landscape similar to some areas around Sussex UK with random areas for placable items.

Changelog v2.0.0.0
– Complete map overhaul.
– Updated for consoles.
– Added seasons.
– Added Sugarcane.

– Added sell points opening hours (most are 6 till 9).
– Added Manure buy point at Live Stock Market.
– Added ability to turn off Air-Traffic (Jumbo-Jet) at the airfield watchtower.
– Lowered Field prices.
– Lowered/Changed some clipping distances.
– Deleted/Replaced some objects due to minor lag issues.
– Various other fixes.

3 Farms, All Animals, 36 Fields, 7 Placeable Areas, 5 Grass Areas, Field Missions, Forestry, BGA, Gold Nuggets.

lots of places for you to explore.
Seasons and Sugarcane ready.

Map in aid of “SOS Childrens Villages”.

Credits: ALiEN JiM

FS17_sussexFarm  (file size = 369 MB)

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  • Dave Squires

    Hello, Great Map, I live in Sussex myself and was brought up and worked on a farm, (the good days), I do have one criticism with the map, you have placed the Giants office building on top of one of the gold nuggets which can not be retrieved, apart from that it is one map i will be using for a long time, keep up the good work.

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