The Isle Of Man V1.1

Your father has retired now you got to continue is works.
People of the Iceland depend on you, with the help of workers
and your experience will be you capable of managing your farm?

In the Map you have Animals
Train and Vehicles start and rental vehicles to help you
Forest and Triggers for Train Wood Sell Place
The New MixingStation (Thanks GTX Mods) and Silage Silo
The EMMERSON’S buy you Silage and Grass
VehicleShop buy you Woodchips
Now I wish you much fun from the Map

To play this map please put the (CompostMaster2k17_placeable in the Mods folder)

Credits: Modell: TheSnake
Textur: Giants
Script: Marhu GTX MODS
Idee / Konzept:
Tester: TheSnake
Sonstige: Thanks a all modders for the objects in the Map and GTX Mods for the permission to the New MixingStation


The_Isle_Of_ManJH (file size = 553 MB)

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