Welcome to the “West Coast – Texture Replacement Pack”,

When playing “The West Coast” map you will notice that it uses custom crop textures, this means that the default GIANTS textures don’t match exactly with regards to the Straw, Grass, and Hay windrows. Also when harvesting you will notice the harvester headers show the default texture being cut.

This texture pack will replace the default texture files in your Farming Simulator 17 main game folder, making it so that the textures and windrows match what is on the map. It will not stop you playing Multiplayer games with people who do not use this pack.

DO MAKE A BACKUP COPY OF THE ORIGINAL TEXTURE FILES� (In case you wish to swap them back)

There is a readme txt file contained within the mod explaining exactly how and where to replace the textures. Just follow the instructions one by one and you will have no issues.

Credits: BulletBill

FS17_theWestCoast_texture_replacement_pack (file size = 26 MB)

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