Welcome to the three-star courtyard. Who play the LS seeks relaxation hir is just right. It is a small helper friendly map based on the “Gorzkowa V1 LS13”. Ideally suited for Oldithimer.

Version 1.2 Dreistern_Hof
Bales can be intercepted
Triggers triggers in animals
Sound Hof
Trader adapted
Tip Colli fixed

Fields fixed
Erdfruchtelager (from Dogface) installed
Prices barn adapted
Startfurpark reduced (motivation)
Tankers can now be filled
Forest area on the lake
Formerly field 13 is now a forest area
Fields 8 and 9
Meadows as fields
Dedi server bug fixed (thanks McBee)
Minor corrections and adjustments
Unfortunately, a new score is required, sorry
I have tried to fulfill many wishes, but “every human right is done is an art which no one can”!
There will be no new extensions, focus on my new project.
A big thank you goes to McBee, manu09 and blubber73 for help with the customization.

This is my first map I have constructed according to my ideas.
The three stars stand for the livestock, so it is all species on the courtyard.
Furthermore, almost all LS-standards are built:
1 small BGA
2 Points of sale (Alte Kirch mill, grain trading)
Riding with barn (sale of straw, grass, bales and manure)
wool sal
Missions (9 points)
Traffic just parked vehicles and pedestrians
Nursery with manure sale and accommodate placeable Mods
Dairy Farm with triggers
Street lighting
4 düngbare meadows owned
15 fields (6 owned)
small sawmill
Workshop at the court
For me, the Map is running (despite estimated 30 mods) without Logfehler.
For Proplem with incorrect wheat representation in the map browser I would be very grateful for the help.
For konstruktieve criticism I am open and should still errors please notify.
So go to “Somewhere in eastern Saxony” at the three-star courtyard and good “recovery”.
Your RitchiF

Credits: Idee / Konzept: RitchiF, Tommi-1
Tester: RitchiF
Sonstige: Credits:
Tommi-1 von TLS Modding für die Map Gorzkowa V1 LS13 als Grundlage (danke für die Freigabe),
devin für viele Gebäude u.a. von der Waldkater-Map (Frage und Bitte per PN ist raus, leider noch keine Antwort),
arii, VBM Modding, tOxicOm, Blacksheep Modding, möchtegernbauer, NKB-Modding, Chefkoch, Goldfox
Ich möchte mich bei allen Moddern bedanken deren Objekte ich verbaut habe, aber deren Namen ich nicht mehr zurückverfolgen kann.


Dreisten_Hof_V1_2 (file size = 654 MB)

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