TSR Sign Pack is a sign pack includes a variety of signs for many different uses. Some just for fun and some with a more serious side. The pack was originally made for TSR also known as The Simulator Radio Private Farming Sim server (Yes, the radio found in game). The pack included the following categories:

People (Used for marking parking spaces)
Banned (People who the server password should not be shared with)
Ads (Signs advertising the radio which also earn income)
Random (Random signs which are funny or just been add)
Traffic (Signs used for road traffic)
Farming (Useful signs when it comes to farming such signs showing where to put crops etc.)
Translation (Signs which show German and English translation of words used in German mods. This is useful so you don’t have to modify the mods to understand what they say.)
This is my first mod so please be patient. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions please let me know!

Credits: Texture: Senka Wolf
Idea / Concept: Senka Wolf
Testing: The Simulator Radio Private FS Server
Other: Bob, junglestrudsen

TSR_sign_pack (file size = 6 MB)

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