Tunnel systems FS17 by Vaszics 1.4
The entire system has been redesigned.
In addition to retaining the base models, the casing is now available
Also changes.
The cover can be: asphalt-beachSand-concrete-cubes-forestGround-grass-gravel-mountainRock-roughDir

Each model is in a separate directory. Here is a directory called Exchange called
Contains two DDS files (beton1.dds and estrich1.dds).
These two files contain the current cover.
This way, it is possible to have different locations on the map in different pavement tunnels.
Installation Guide:
Installation with GE.
Ground level is the current level of ground -20 units.
The elements of the tunnel system can be combined as desired, only in the joints.
Good game!

Credits: Vaszics

Tunnel_systems_FS17_by_Vaszics_1.4 (file size = 73 MB)

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  • Fanie Terblanche

    Many thanks for very nice and useful Mods, where can I get a bridge to place over rivers and fences

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