Everything you know about Knuston Farm now in Farming Simulator 2017.

Version 1.3
* Purchasable fields
* Water trigger moved to water tower
* Extra foliage layers
* PDA icons show correctly
* Reduced map size from 447mb to 287mb
* Few things that you don’t see

Terrain textures look a bit different then in official Knuston because FS17 no longer supports them.

I spent about 20hrs to bring our belowed Knuston Farm to FS17. This is unofficial build of Knuston so don’t mix it with official one.
No errors in log
You can buy/sell animalls
Fully working cow/sheep feedding
Expect updates and bug fixes

Credits: Various sheds by NI Modding
Some buildings by Andrei Valentin
Straw chopper mod by Webalizer
Some objects around the yard by VertexDezign
The 10m / 15m Fencing panels and gates should be credited to me, sandgroper
Also the bushes with collisions I have credited as:
Originally uploaded to FSUK by Johan12 for FS11
Original modder: Dennis Busch
Additional editing: Spider100
Optimised for FS13 and added collisions: sandgroper
Original train (ICE) by Schienen/Zug: wohlstandskind/Youfarm-map
Big credit goes out to Decker_MMIV

Adrian S
Jack S
David H
Alex T
Regan H


fs17_unofficialknustonfarm1_6 (file size = 287 MB)

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