In the pack there is a tractor and timber itself. Atozagruzki not. blestyat.Oba Ural models have identical specifications but different prices: the engine power to 240 hp max. speed of 83 km / h. Timber has a static body under the log, there is an automatic discharge, to supplement the Ural can be other small trailer that comes in pack.

Ural tractor can be used for transportation of various trailers and trawls. It works all the lighting fixtures, mirrors, speedometer and tachometer, made elegant animations suspension, tire deformation, shaking exhaust pipe when the engine is running, which is realistic sound, taken from the actual model.
Changes: Fixed mirror.

Credits: KOVSH, Weder, Stasenko100


FS17_URAL_Leshoz (file size = 59 MB)

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