What he has:
– Dynamic camera
– Dynamic weze
– Mod passenger
– Ic panel
– Moving door
– Mobile mudflaps

– Movable engine components, etc.
– Vibrations
– Smoke and hand animation (possibility of removal by Ic)
– Waking up
– Bended tires
– Weight 27 Mb
– 0 errors in the log

Do not like it? Do not download.
Do you have a problem with the download link? Write to me or in the comments.
Did you find any errors? I’m sorry for not. Write about them and I will try to correct in the next versions.

Configurations in the store:
– With or without turem
– With or without a cab
– With or without a load (in the rear wheels)
– With or without a cog (in the front wheels)
– With or without a large clip (the one on the front)
– With or without glare
– With or without splash lights

Authors of the Model: Marcello1942, Perkins, Agromet, Marcin10m19, Bartek90256
Authors: Bartek90256 (I modeled on the lines from the animation and the podnik with the c355 catfana)
Accessories for the round: Catfan18 (I agree)

Fs17_Ursus_c360_z_Agromy (file size = 27 MB)

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