On this version you will find all the features of the vall farmer v.3
Was added on v.4
AN INDUSTRIAL ZONE that includes:
– manufacture of flour.
Bread making plant.
Dairy manufacturing plant.
– plant with sunflower oil.
-fish farming.

As well as a paper mill located at the sawmill which is used to feed the dairy plant.
For those who had a current game we are sorry but we have to redo a game.
(However for the insiders it is possible to recover certain lines of your old vehicles and to remit them in your new vehicles but all ca subject to).
Here the pack of mods that may be useful to you to the operation of the map.
This pack contains the shredder, the refinery and the equipment for harvesting onions and carrots. (In this pack the Holmer is configured for beets as well).
Link of the pack: Pack_ Vall_Farmer_V3_0
!!!!!! The card is edit for patch 1.3.1 is 1.4 !!!!!!!!!
Good game and good part has all!

Credits: création : Valtrao2
correction et installation des nouveaux fruits , animation et bâtiments avec fonctions : Dragon500, jim08,Mich45300


V4_vall_farmer (file size = 613 MB)

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