Hello everyone!
I present to you today my Villa V3.0 (walk) available. Some know the Villa yet
from LS13 and LS15. This mod has been redesigned from scratch especially for the LS17 engine.
Zb were unnecessary details deleted and created new lighting. (Light switched on the day not on !!

The Innenobekten the clip distance was decreased. Now jerky even with older PCs
no more. There was an illegal version that was badly converted. I have this version
leave of’Modhoster’ unregistering because I think nothing of such people who simply steal mods.
The villa costs in Store € 0 because it has no function and is only for Deco purposes.
It is advisable that Villa on straight terrain to place.

A polite request of mine:
Do not change the Mod and only with original link to upload to other portals.
…. Believe me, I know that to appreciate.
otherwise fun yet !! HarryBo

Credits: Harrybo


VillaV3LS17 (file size = 22 MB)

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