Hello dear user,
I attach great importance to reality.

I would like to introduce you to my map “Waldsassen” for the agricultural simulator 2017.
This is a map with a lot of nature and a rather hilly terrain, but this should not be compared with the Alps. This map has taken care of every detail. She was built with love especially from me and the help of my team at that time.

What already exists?
– 2 courtyards
– Large E-ON biogas plant
– Medium E-ON biogas plant
– A hay barn where the harvest can be unloaded and later
Can be loaded again with a shovel
– 2 selling points for cereals
– Small forest areas
– Sawmill
– A small village
– Many fields (small / medium / large)
– Dealers
– Animals (except sheep)
– All sales points
– Very very many details

And much more.

Credits: – Freaky
– Hamper
– KevinBeatz
– Frank Arnold (Die virtuelle Landwirtschaft)
– Patrick Camino


Waldsassen_v1 (file size = 495 MB)

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