Operating chicken coops
An additional farm
And several other improvements

The map has:
Amazing Polish climate of Warmia and Mazury
Diversified interesting area
Very good optimization
5 fully playable farms
Cows x2, pigs, chickens, sheep
92 fields, including meadows
Missions on the fields
Mod chaff
Oats, rye
Multi Terrain
Dynamic sky
Speed Cameras
Compatible with Seasons
Gates and doors opened with the mouse
Lighting in buildings switched on with the mouse
Traffic and walking
Tax animations: dogs, cats, horses, etc.
Mod manure, slurry and lime
Sales outlets: Agreko, Rolimpex, Woolmark (wool), Polish Sugar,
Boiler room (wood, wood chips), Golden Ear, Bakery GS
The biogas plant
Sales of straw
Sales of bales in the village
Purchase and sale of animals
Vehicles to start
No errors in the log

Credits: Misterbart

FS17_Warmia_Mazury_v2new (file size = 705 MB)

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